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Chain Link Fence Contractor in RedmondHighest-quality fence installation to secure your property

Are Strong Winds Damaging Your Plants And Outdoor Spaces? Our Quality Wooden Fences In Mukilteo Offer The Protection You Need

When strong winds blow through your yard, they can cause a lot of trouble. Without a fence, these winds can knock over plants, break tree branches, and mess up your outdoor area. Imagine coming back to find your garden in chaos, with decorations ruined and your favorite flowers damaged.

That's where our wooden fences come in handy, especially here in Mukilteo where the wind can get really strong. Our fences act like a big shield, blocking much of the wind from getting to your plants and outdoor spaces. This means your garden stays nicer and more peaceful, even on windy days. Plus, you won't have to worry about fixing wind damage all the time. Our wooden fences are made to stand up to the wind, giving your yard the protection it needs.

Chain Link Fence Contractor in RedmondHighest-quality fence installation to secure your property


BBB Accredited

Financing Available

Warranty Coverage

Locally Operated


Discover Our Wooden Fence Styles

Discover a variety of Wooden fence styles in Mukilteo. We offer three fantastic options to choose from. Take a look and find the ideal wooden fence for your property today!
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Steel Chain-Link Fence

Galvanized Chain-Link Fence

Our durable and cost-effective Steel Chain-Link Fence ensures security and visibility, making it perfect for residential and commercial properties, boundary protection, and safe pet enclosures.
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Vinyl Coated Chain-Link Fence

Vinyl Coated Chain-Link Fence

Elevate your property's exterior with our vinyl-coated chain-link fence, featuring style and rust-resistance in various colors for added aesthetics. Durability and charm combined!
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PVC Privacy Chain-Link Fence

PVC Privacy Chain-Link Fence

Our PVC privacy chain-link fence offers versatility for security and seclusion. With woven PVC slats, it's an ideal choice for residential and recreational areas.
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Explore our featured chain link fence work, showcasing our commitment to excellence and the satisfaction of our clients.
Explore our featured wooden fence work, showcasing our commitment to excellence and the satisfaction of our clients.
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Crafting Your Ideal Wooden Fence

Estimating Wooden Fence Post Installation in Washington




Durable and affordable posts in concrete last 15-20 years without rotting.




Conceal posts effortlessly on both sides, lifetime warranty included.




20-30 years longevity, elevated from the ground to resist weather and moisture.

Benefits of Wooden Fence Installation on Your Property in Mukilteo, WA

Having a wooden fence installed in Mukilteo has a lot of upsides. It not only makes your property more secure and private but also boosts its look. Whether you’re concerned about wind damage, privacy, or safety or just want to cut down on noise, a wooden fence is a smart choice.

  • Keep Your Garden Safe
    Having a wooden fence around your property in Mukilteo can be a big help in protecting your garden. It blocks strong winds that can knock over plants and mess up your outdoor space. With a fence, your veggies and flowers can grow without being damaged by the wind.
  • Privacy for You
    A wooden fence offers you privacy in your backyard. It’s like having your secret spot where you can hang out, have a BBQ, or read a book without worrying about nosy neighbors or people walking by and looking into your yard.
  • Make Your Home Look Great
    Besides being super useful, wooden fences also look really nice. They give your home a warm and welcoming vibe. You can choose from different styles and colors to match your house and garden. A pretty fence can make your whole property look better.
  • Safety First
    For families with pets or little siblings, a wooden fence is important for safety. It keeps your loved ones inside and safe from the road or from wandering off. Plus, it can stop uninvited animals from getting into your yard and causing trouble.
  • No More Noise
    A wooden fence can help reduce the noise from the street or your neighbors. It won’t make things totally quiet, but it can make your yard a more peaceful place. This is really nice if you live in a busy area and just want to relax at home.

Serving Mukilteo With Wooden Fences For All Home And Business Needs

In Mukilteo, we understand that both homeowners and business owners have diverse needs when it comes to securing and enhancing their properties. That's why we specialize in providing top-quality wooden fences that cater to a wide range of requirements. Whether you're looking to increase privacy, enhance aesthetic appeal, or fortify security, our wooden fences are designed to meet all these needs with style and reliability.

For residential properties, a well-crafted wooden fence adds a touch of rustic charm while ensuring that your home remains a private sanctuary for you and your family. It's not just about aesthetics, though; our fences are built to withstand the harsh weather conditions of Mukilteo, protecting your garden and outdoor spaces from wind and weather damage. For businesses, our wooden fences serve a dual purpose. They enhance the outward appearance of your commercial property, making it more inviting to customers, while also providing a robust layer of security, keeping the premises safe from intruders, and ensuring a private work environment.

We make sure every fence we put up is just right for what our customers want, so they're happy and the fence does its job well. Whether you like cute picket fences that look old-fashioned or tall fences that give you lots of privacy, we have all kinds of wooden fences in Mukilteo.

Certified and Award-Winning Services for Wooden Fence Installation and Repair in Mukilteo, WA

At Alpine Fencing in Mukilteo, WA, we're all about giving you the best when it comes to wooden fences. We've got awards to show for our work, and that's because we make sure every fence is done right. Our team has been recognized for being the best in the area, so you can trust us to bring your fence dreams to life. When you work with us, you're picking a team that really knows their stuff, and we're excited to show you what we can do.

We at Alpine Fencing take our promise of quality and satisfaction very seriously. Whether you need a brand new fence or have one that needs fixing, we're here to help. We're known for our excellent work in the Pacific Northwest, and that's a reputation we work hard to keep. We listen to what you need, plan carefully, and then get the job done so you can enjoy your fence for years to come.

We do our best to make sure you're happy with your fence project from start to finish. Our team is all about working with you to create something that fits your needs and looks great, too. So, when you think about getting a wooden fence in Mukilteo, think of us at Alpine Fencing – where quality service is always guaranteed.

We Offer Flexible Payment Plans for Wooden Fence Installation in Mukilteo, WA

If you're looking to get a new wooden fence in Mukilteo, WA, but are worried about paying for it all at once, don't stress! We're here to help. At Alpine Fencing, we understand that fences can be a big investment, and we want to make it easier for you. That's why we're excited to offer financing options through our partnership with Wisetack. This means you can spread the cost over time, making it more manageable for your budget.

With our financing through Wisetack, you can borrow up to $25,000 to cover your fence installation. Plus, we offer six different payment plans, giving you the flexibility to pick the one that's right for you. Even better, some plans come with no interest, as long as you qualify. This is a great way to get the fence you need now without worrying about the full cost upfront.

So, if you're dreaming of a new wooden fence but have been putting it off because of the cost, let's talk. Our team at Alpine Fencing is ready to help you find a payment plan that works for you, so you can enjoy your new fence without the financial strain.

What Sets Alpine Fencing Apart As A Wooden Fence Installation Contractor in Mukilteo, WA

Alpine Fencing in Mukilteo, WA, stands out in the world of wooden fence installation contractors due to our unmatched efficiency and commitment to quality. We pride ourselves on being able to complete the majority of our wooden fence projects within a mere 2-3 days. This rapid service ensures that we meet our customers' needs and deadlines quickly, without ever compromising the quality of our work. Our ability to provide such prompt service while maintaining high standards is a testament to our work ethic and dedication, ensuring that your fence is ready exactly when you need it.

Our dedication to the environment sets us apart from others in the field. We make a conscious effort to use sustainable, top-quality materials for every project we undertake. By partnering with eco-friendly suppliers like Alta Forest Products, we guarantee that the materials we use, particularly our locally sourced western red cedar, have a minimal impact on the environment. This eco-conscious approach ensures not only the beauty and durability of your fence but also supports responsible forestry practices, making our services a great choice for those who hold environmental values dear.

We believe that clear and honest communication is key to our success. Throughout the entire process of your fencing project, we prioritize keeping you well-informed. This level of transparency guarantees that the vision you have for your fence matches the final product, eliminating any surprises and ensuring your complete satisfaction with the outcome.

Furthermore, our use of concrete posts in place of traditional wooden ones speaks volumes about our commitment to providing durable, long-lasting fencing solutions. Wooden posts are susceptible to rot when in direct contact with soil, but concrete posts offer a sturdy, rot-resistant foundation. This not only extends the lifespan of your fence significantly but is a clear indication of our dedication to quality and sustainability in everything we do.

Get Complimentary Consultation and Free Estimates for Wooden Fence Installation in Mukilteo, WA

At Alpine Fencing, we're here to help you make the right choices when it comes to installing a wooden fence in Mukilteo, WA. We understand that adding a fence to your property is a big decision, and we want to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for you. That's why we offer a completely free consultation and estimate service. This means you can talk to our fencing experts at no charge. They will visit your property, listen to your ideas, and then guide you on the best fencing options tailored to your needs and budget. After assessing your space, they'll provide you with a completely free estimate, letting you know how much your project might cost. This service is our way of ensuring you have all the information you need before making any decisions, making the process comfortable and transparent from the start. With Alpine Fencing, getting the perfect wooden fence for your home is just a consultation away.

Gaining Peace of Mind with Positive Client Feedback

A Testament to Excellence from Our Clients

Hear what our clients have to say about us.
Alpine Fencing did a fantastic job for us. We needed a new chain-link fence installed in our yard, and we also had Alpine come out to repair our older fence. The communication was excellent, and the work was done quickly and efficiently. Philip was great at helping us choose the right materials for the job, and he made sure we were comfortable with the selection. We will definitely use them again in the future!
Filip PasichnykFENCE REPAIR
I am a very satisfied customer! Alpine Fencing was outstanding in every aspect of the job. They were prompt, professional, and did an excellent job. I would definitely use them again, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for chain link fence work.
They installed a chain-link fence in my backyard. They were professional and on time. They ensured my children were safe, cleaned up after themselves, explained every detail, and showed me how to maintain the chain-link fence. I would highly recommend Alpine Fencing for any fencing needs!
They did great work for a great price.
Had 61 ft of cedar fencing installed. Did removal of my old fence and brush clearing myself to save some. They were very communicative when they were starting and contacting me throughout the project as they worked. They ensured to provide checks with me as they built and even accommodated a last-minute change to fence height day of the build. Great customer service and final product. The area was left clean and tidy, also since this fence is my neighbor's driveway they made sure to keep access clear.
Stephaine MylesFENCE REPAIR
We love our new fence and the cedar smell!  Thank you 🙏. Paul and Tony did an amazing job and were very polite, professional gentlemen. I have an established garden along the fence and Phillip and Paul came out and talked to me ahead of time about working around it and they did not damage one plant (if you can see it the blue tape is what they had to avoid!).  Phillip, the owner, is included in the polite professionalism, and accessible. We have had contracts where once the job starts the salesman/admin can’t be reached again for concerns. Not with Alpine Fencing. Again an amazing job gentleman- thanks!
We had a great experience with Alpine Fencing. Working with Phill on coordination was fast, efficient, and easy and Paul and his team got the project done ahead of schedule and did a great job. We will absolutely reach out to Alpine if we have any further fencing needs.

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