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At ALPINE Fencing, we believe that your fence should be more than just a barrier between you and your neighbor. A fence should be an expression of your style, which is why we offer the best wooden fence services around! We specialize in both custom and pre-built fences. Whether you're looking for something rustic to compliment the natural feel of your property, or something modern with all the bells and whistles, we've got a solution for you.

Our team of experts can help you find the perfect solution for any need. Whether you have a specific style in mind or are looking for some guidance on what will look best with your home's design, our experts will walk through options with you until you find one that works for both your taste and budget.

We're your a one-stop shop for all things fencing. From design through installation and maintenance, we can help you find the right solution for your dream fence. We offer a wide range of styles—from contemporary to classic designs—and use only the best materials, including treated pine boards. You can rest assured that your new fence will look great for years to come.

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Are you looking for a reliable and professional Bellevue wooden fence installation company? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Request a Free Alpine Fencing Estimate is a highly recommended for specialized custom wood fencing solutions. We’ve been serving the Bellevue area for years and have developed a great reputation for providing excellent customer service and top-notch fencing solutions. We offer a variety of fencing options, including cedar, redwood, pine, and more, so you can find the perfect fence for your property.

We provide free estimates based on our experience and knowledge of fencing needs in your area, as well as past projects we've completed. This helps ensure that you get the highest quality fence for your money.

We include all of the materials, labor and taxes needed for installing your fence in our estimates. We also provide you with a detailed schedule for completion of the project. We understand that you want your fence installed quickly and correctly, so we'll make sure that our schedule works around yours.

We will provide a schedule for the installation of your fence. We understand that you want it installed quickly, correctly, and on time--so we will work around your schedule to make sure that happens.

Bellevue Wooden Fence Repair and Installation Services

Alpine Fencing Bellevue is an experienced fencing contractor that provides quality wooden fence repair and installation services in Bellevue, Washington. The company has been in business for over 15 years and during that time they have established a reputation for providing high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

Alpine Fencing Bellevue has a team of fencing contractors with years of experience. The company uses only the best materials and techniques to construct long-lasting wooden fences. Alpine Fencing can design and build custom wood fences for your property, or it can replicate the style of a historic fence if you prefer.

The team at Alpine Fencing Bellevue is experienced in repairing any type of wooden fence. Whether your fence is damaged due to wind, rain, or hail, the team can restore it to its original condition. They have the knowledge and experience to replace broken posts, repair damaged boards, and replace rotted sections.

We Offer The Best Wooden Fence Styles and Finishes

Alpine Fencing Bellevue is a full-service provider of wooden fencing solutions. We offer an extensive selection of styles, including picket, privacy, lattice, and post-and-rail. Our products are built to last using only the finest materials and craftsmanship. We take pride in the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers.

At Alpine Fencing Bellevue, we understand that a wooden fence is an investment. We offer a range of options for styles and finishes, so you can find something that perfectly suits your aesthetic while also meeting your budget. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you find the best wooden fence style and finish for your needs.

Alpine Fencing Bellevue offers a wide range of wood fence styles and finishes. We offer several options in stains, paints, and sealers so you can get a fence that blends perfectly with your home's design. Our durable finishes ensure that your fence will stand the test of time.

When it comes to fencing, you want a company that will be there for you. At Alpine Fencing Bellevue, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service possible. We have friendly and knowledgeable staff, so you can get the answers you need to make the best decision for your fencing needs. We strive to make sure you have a great experience by providing quality fences that will last for years to come.

Premium Wooden Fence Contractor in Bellevue, WA

Alpine Fencing Bellevue is a premium wooden fence contractor in Bellevue, Washington. Alpine Fencing Bellevue specializes in custom design and installation of cedar, pine, redwood and composite fences for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The company prides itself on providing top-notch service, high-quality workmanship, and competitive rates to its clients.

For more than 15 years, Alpine Fencing Bellevue has installed quality fences for residential and commercial customers. The company's team of experienced professionals uses only the highest-grade materials for each job, including cedar, pine and redwood. Each installation is completed with attention to detail and comes with a guarantee that will ensure your fence looks great and lasts for many years.

Alpine Fencing Bellevue offers high-quality service at competitive prices. The company's knowledgeable staff is always available to answer questions, discuss options and provide advice on design, materials and installation. Alpine fences are installed by a team of experienced professionals who work closely with customers to ensure that every project meets their exact specifications.

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